Adding domains to “allowed” lists


To enable access to iMeet® Central, the following URLs must be whitelisted in your firewall. This will enable access to iMeet Central while not allowing access to other iMeet Central companies outside of your own custom subdomain ($COMPANY). The core URLs must be enabled; the others are at your discretion depending on security constraints and business needs of desired functionality.

Core iMeet Central: $

To enable plugin functionality: (Outlook plugin, etc...)

To enable access to our help documentation:

To enable spreadsheet functionality:

To check on the status of iMeet Central:

To enable the proofing feature in iMeet Central:


To enable the webmeetings in iMeet Central:
Also see Adding Central Desktop Email Servers to your Safe Senders List (Whitelist)

To enable Cloud Assist

Consider allowing (if running into problems)

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