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Custom login page

Custom Login Page html code is provided to allow administrators to create a branded login screen (external to iMeet® Central) for customers and partners to use, as opposed to the standard customer login screen at https://app.imeetcentral.com/login. The code contains a simple login form and can be pasted into any hosted webpage to provide this functionality.

To get the code, go to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup > Look & Feel Custom Login Page. A Custom Logout Page can be used as well, allowing you to define where members are redirected when they log out. At the bottom of the Custom Login Page is the field Custom Logout URL. Enter your desired URL and click Update.

Custom Login


A few sites that use a Custom Login page allowing clients or members to log in directly to their workspaces.

Below is an example of the Custom Login page. The first screen has a link for Customer Login. The second screen shows the Custom Login username and password fields.



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