Managing workspaces


Company Administrators can go to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Manage Workspaces. Archived workspaces are only accessible via Manage Workspaces.

Management capabilities

The following actions can be performed in the Manage Workspaces interface:

  • Move a workspace: move workspaces between workspace groups.
  • Perform Backup: Check the box to the far left of one or more workspaces and select "Backup" from the "List Actions" menu. The selected workspaces will be processed for backup and a link will be sent to the requester via email. The email will link to a ZIP file containing all workspace data.

My Workspaces

This page will show workspaces you are a member of. From this page, you can navigate to workspaces or perform list actions like Move, Archive, Delete, or Backup multiple workspaces. To perform list actions, select the check box to the left of all of the workspaces that you wish to perform the actions on.

Note that to perform List Actions you must be an admin.



You can also perform each of these actions on a workspace by workspace basis by using the drop down arrow to the right of the workspace name.



Workspace Groups

This page is used to manage workspace groups. In general, workspace groups are used to organize your workspace drop down menu. To access the Workspace Groups page, navigate to My Workspaces>Workspace Groups. On this page you may create, delete, or rename workspace groups.



Company Workspaces

This page will show all workspaces in your company. To access the Company Workspaces page, navigate to My Workspaces>Company Workspaces. You can navigate to workspaces or perform list actions like Move, Archive, Delete, or Backup.

Note that only admins can perform list actions.



Archived Workspaces

This page will show all archived workspaces. To access the Archived Workspaces page, navigate to My Workspaces>Archived Workspaces. From this page you can navigate to archived workspaces or unarchive them or perform a workspace backup.


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