Workspace templates

Note: Workspace Templates are only available for Enterprise and Agency plans.


A Workspace Template is a workspace that has been pre-configured and can then be cloned (copied) as needed. They are an excellent way to ensure structural consistency across multiple workspaces and are ideal for companies that often create new workspaces for specific projects or clients. As a result, client or project workspaces can be structured identically with virtually no setup required. 

Creating workspace templates

To turn a workspace into a Workspace Template:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace you would like to create as a template, and select the Settings tab General Settings.
  2. Under Options find the option for "Make this workspace available as a Template in the Workspace Creation Wizard" and select Yes.
  3. Click Update

Workspace Templates will appear as a Workspace Type option when a new workspace is created.

template option


Note: Workspace templates are not accessible from your Workspaces menu and can only be accessed by Company Administrators via the Company Setup area. Templates are intended to be used for cloning purposes only.


Template tips

  • It is advised that you create a new workspace when setting up a template
  • Title the workspace as you would like it to appear in the Workspace Type menu
  • Configure the workspace to have any files, folders, task lists, milestones, etc. that you want to be included in every instance that is created from the template

Managing templates

Using the template manager located within the Company Setup, it is possible to arrange how the templates will appear in the Workspace Creation Wizard. Administrators can reserve templates that are not in use as well as arrange those actively uses to personalized specifications.

To manage your templates, first select the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right). From here, select Company Setup > Templates > Workspace Templates. 

To adjust which templates are available in new workspace creation and the order in which they appear, select "Creation Wizard Layout". Reserved templates are stored on the left-hand side while active templates are arranged on the right-hand side. Templates can be moved using drag and drop. Once adjustments have been made in the Template manager, be sure to click Update to save the changes.

To view and access current templates, select "View Templates"


Personalized template icons

Administrators can select the icon that appears for a Workspace Template in the Workspace Settings. To personalize the template icon, navigate to the template workspace, select Settings > General Settings, locate the option to "Select the Icon you want to use in the Workspace Creation Wizard," choose an icon, and click Update

Template Icon Selection
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