How much storage space am I using?

The amount of storage space allotted to your iMeet® Central plan is determined by the type of plan chosen. Any Company Administrator can view the amount of storage space currently being used by going to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and selecting Company Setup.


Items that take up space

There are other items besides uploaded files and created documents that take up storage space. Some items to keep in mind when thinking about your storage space usage are:

  • Items in the Trash
  • Versions created for wikis, uploaded files, online documents, etc.
  • File previews
  • Images
  • Archived workspaces

Ways to free up storage space

Additional storage space can be freed up with some simple workspace house-keeping like:

Adding more storage space

If you have exceeded your storage space limit, and cannot reconcile your data, it may be best to contact Sales about adding more storage space to your plan.

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