Creating a workspace

Workspaces are a good way to organize and group information. Access and permissions can be set at the Workspace level. Any Internal Member with permission can create a workspace. 

Adding workspaces

To create a new Workspace:

  1. Locate and click on Create button in the top right
  2. Click on Workspace
  3. Follow the steps in the Workspace Creation Wizard
  4. Click Create Workspace when finished

Workspace creation wizard


The following workspace criteria are available when creating new workspaces:

  • Workspace Type: pre-configured workspace types for easier setup.
  • Workspace Name: the name of the workspace is for your identification only. The URL will be the address at which the workspace is accessed (these can be changed at any time).
  • Workspace Options: workspaces can be made to be part of a Workspace Group directly from creation and can be seeded with sample data for tutorial purposes. You can also add members to the workspace directly during creation.
  • Workspace Properties: fill out the Workspace Properties at creation. Note that these fields can be edited in the Workspace Properties section of Company Setup.

Using a workspace template

When creating a workspace from a workspace designated as a template eliminates much of the setup needed to get started.
When creating a workspace from a template configured by the organization it is possible to retain the Members and Assignments found in the Template.
This option will appear under Workspace Options when a template is designated as the workspace type.

Clone Members and Assignments option

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