Adding internal members

The Add Internal Members form offers a step-by-step process to help you add or invite Internal Members to your company account. To add new Internal Members, go to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup > Internal Members > Add Internal Members.

Note: External Members are added at the workspace level. See Adding Members to a Workspace for more information.


Adding internal members

Adding Internal Members

Add via

  • Company administrators have the option to Just send an Email Invitation to the member(s) being invited which will allow them to create a username and password. An email will be sent to the invited email address with a link to set up an account. This is the only option that can be used when inviting members who already have iMeet® Central accounts.
  • The second option available is Let me Create Username(s) and Password(s). This option allows the administrator to create the new member's username and password on their behalf. When this option is selected, the administrator will be prompted to enter the login information on the next page. It is optional to send the new member an email detailing their login credentials.

Email Addresses of New Members

Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite into the text box. Enter only one email address per line.

Personalize the Email Invitation Text

This step is optional and allows for the customization of both the subject line and body of the email that is sent to the newly invited members. The default invitation email text can be modified in the Company Settings.

Note: When customizing the body of the message, it is important to not edit or remove ###INVITE_URL### which is a placeholder for the URL that will be sent to new members to accept the invitation.

Adding Internal Members Step 2

Next, you have the options to place new member in user groups, add them to specific workspaces, as well as assign them permissions. Once you have set the necessary criteria, click the Add Internal Member(s) button to complete the process.

When a new member is invited, the email address represents the username as a temporary placeholder. This may appear in the internal members list with a Pending status. Once a member is invited, the account cannot be deleted from our system without contacting Support. The member must complete the account setup process by following the link in the email invitation. See Workspace Invitations for troubleshooting tips.

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