Assigning roles in a workspace template

Once a role is created, you can utilize workpsace templates to set up projects with roles. Creating a project template with roles will allow tasks and milestones to be bulk assigned at the time of creating the workspace. First, we will need to enable the role at the template workspace.

To enable a role in the template workspace, navigate to the workspace and select Settings>General Settings>Project Roles. On this page, simply begin typing the name of the role you wish to add in the box to the right of "Workspace Roles" or use the magnifying glass icon to choose from a list of all available roles.

Enable roles in Client Space



Now that the roles are enabled at the workspace level, it is possible to assign roles to the project plan in place. Navigate to the Project Management tasks or milestones to assign the roles to the assignee field. In this example I will add the designer role to my three tasks in the "Analytic Review" task list.

Assign a role to a task in template 

Once all tasks are assigned to this role, it will show them properly in the task list view:

Roles assigned to task list

Now it is possible to create a workspace from this template and assign the tasks out to roles at the time of creation. Select Create > Workspace to load the workspace creation wizard. Select the name of your workspace template, and the option to assign roles will load at the bottom since the roles are enabled in the workspace settings. Designating a user to this role at the time of creation will assign the tasks to that user.


Assign Roles at Template Creation


The tasks are now automatically assigned to the user(s) designated to the role at the time of the workspace creation.

Roles assigned

It is possible to utilize the workflow for workspaces feature to automatically notify users of a workspace creation based on roles assigned. This will allow you to notify these users of their new task assigments in the space.

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