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Assigning users to a role

Note: The assignment of users to roles can only be done by Workspace Admins.


Once you have enabled roles in your workspace, you can assign users to those roles. Assigning a user to a role will allow you to designate assignments to tasks, milestones and even workflow rules based on that role assignment.

To assign a user to a role, navigate to the workspace and select Properties>Edit.

Scroll down to the bottom of the properties page to view the Roles section. From here you can type in the name of users from the workspace to assign one or multiple users to the role enabled in the workspace.

Assign a user to a role

Select "Save" on the page, and you will now see that your users are designated to a specific role in the workspace. In this example we have set Jeff and Jill Holloway as the Creative role for the workspace.


Role in Properties

Now any current or future assignments made for the Creative role will be designate to Jeff and Jill Holloway (or whoever is assigned to the Creative role). If the specifics of the project change in the workspace and the users are no longer the creative on the space, change the role to another user. Changing the user in the role will reassign those items to the new user.

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