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Search best practices

iMeet® Central offers three main ways to search for content contained within the system.

  • Simple search

    Lets you search all your Documents, Files, Discussions, Tasks, Databases, Events, and Comments within all the Workspaces you have access to.
  • Advanced search

    This allows you to perform a search based on multiple criteria. You can run a search to "include all words," "exact phrases," "none of the words," and even include filters on file types and tags.
  • Advanced project (workspace) search

    A workspace search based on Project Properties is a powerful tool that you can use to quickly retrieve and display workspaces you are a member of. If your company utilizes Project Properties, we recommend using this tool for creating filtered views of workspaces. This can be extremely beneficial if you are a member of 20 workspaces or more and need an easier method to navigate to your workspaces. Search results can be further filtered and sorted. Your saved searches can be as simple as searching for workspaces with certain titles or you can search for more advanced details such as specific custom project property fields. 

Which search option should I use?

Here are some criteria to assist you.

Simple Search


Locating each search function

Simple search

The simple search function can be found at the top of iMeet Central. In this field, you can start typing any keywords of what you may searching for. 



To maximize your search efforts, be sure to read our search article.

Advanced Search

While conducting a simple search, Advanced Search becomes an option in the drop down menu.

You are then taken to the "Advanced Search" page.


Advanced project workspace search

When in the Advanced Search page, there will be a tab at the top labeled "Search for Workspaces." Within the tabbed section, you can perform advanced workspace searches. Click "Edit Saved Workspace Search" to input filters to narrow down your search. 

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