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Search for Workspaces is a powerful tool that you can use to quickly retrieve and display workspaces you are a member of based on Workspace Properties. If your company makes good use of Workspace Properties, and you are a member of more than 50 workspaces, we recommend using this tool for creating filtered views of workspaces, and easy navigation to your workspaces. Search results can be further filtered and sorted. Your saved searches can be as simple as searching for workspaces with certain titles or you can search for more advanced details like specific custom workspace property fields.

Creating a new saved search

To navigate to Workspace Search, click the Advanced Search. While conducting a simple search, Advanced Search becomes an option in the drop down menu.
Go to the Search for Workspaces sub-tab, and click on the Saved Workspaces drop-down menu to choose a saved search.
Next click Create New Workspace Saved Search.


The following outlines the Create Workspace Search process.

    1. Description
      • Choose a name for your saved search. You can also choose to make this search the Default View.
    2. Fields to Display
      • Choose which fields you want to include in your search view. All default workspace property fields and all custom workspace property fields are available to choose from.
    3. Search Filter Criteria
      • Use this area to narrow down your search results.

Title: Name of the workspace

Description: Description of the workspace

Archive: Whether or not the workspace is archived

Start Date: Designated start date of the workspace

Due Date: Designated end date of the work

Project Owner: The member specified as the owner of the workspace

Primary Resource: The member specified as the Primary Resource or Project Manager of the workspace

Primary Beneficiary: The primary beneficiary of the workspace

Space Status: The selected status of the workspace

Space Priority: The specified priority of the workspace

Space Risks: The defined risk level of the workspace

Comments: Any comments or notes inputted for the workspace

Is Project: Whether the workspace is designated as a project or not

Members: Any internal member (not an observer) of the workspace

      • Checking the box under the "Runtime" column will allow the user to edit the respective search filter criteria value before running the search. Leaving this box unchecked will 'fix' that criteria and not allow the user to change it at runtime.

                   4. Default Sort

      • Use this area to sort your search results by specific fields.

Running a search for workspaces

To begin running a search, click on the Saved Workspace Searches drop-down and then choose a saved search to run. Once you have selected a saved search, click Search. Your results will look something like the following:

Run a search for items within your workspace search results

Once a list of your workspaces are displayed you can run an additional, regular search for specific items (like files and other documents) within the workspace search results.


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