Review and approve overview

In a continuing effort to improve the overall user experience, we have made some changes to our Review and Approve feature. In this article, we will explore the new Review and Approve.

Look and Feel

Below is the new proof viewer. The basic capabilities are the same. At the top of the screen are "Add Comment" and "Finish Review" (previously "Make a Decision"). At the bottom right hand corner are the "Zoom", "Fit to screen", and "1:1" functions.


There are some changes as well. Comments are now displayed on the right hand side, and you can choose different comment views by selecting the word bubble icon.

You can also choose to sort comments by time, page, user, or action taken when you select the "A-Z" button in the top right.


Options for email notifications, downloading, printing comment summaries, and locking the proof are now found in the top left hand corner.


The "Settings" menu is located in the bottom left hand corner and now includes a spellcheck function.


Decision Making Process

In conjunction with the new look and feel of the Review and Approve tool, we have also simplified the decision making process. At the company level, we have simplified the proof options. By default, proofs now lock when ALL decisions have been made, but if you would like proofs to lock after ONE decision, you can change the settings to reflect this need.

Proof settings for your company can adjusted by clicking on the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and selecting Company Setup>Proof>Default Proof Settings.


Within the proof, we have updated the decisions that you can make.

Proof States

Proofs have 3 states that they can be in: "Open", "Locked", or "Locked and Closed".

A proof is "Open" when there are still decisions to be made and people are actively working in the proof.

A proof is "Locked" when all decisions have been made OR when one decision is made and the "Complete proof after one decision" setting has been selected.

A proof is "Locked and Closed" if all decisions have been made OR if one decision of either "Approved" or "Approved with Changes" has been made and the "Complete proof after one decision" setting has been selected.

When a proof is "Locked", no further comments or decisions can be made on this proof. The proof will open again when a new version is uploaded starting a new round of review OR when the proof owner manually unlocks the proof for further review on the same round of review.

When a proof is "Locked and Closed", the proof cannot be opened again nor can a new round of review be kicked off by uploading a new version. This review process is considered complete. You can, however, start a brand new proof at this point if needed.

To summarize, here is how each proof decision will change the state of a proof:

  • "Approved": Will lock and close a proof
  • "Approved with Changes": Will lock and close a proof
  • "Changes Required": Will lock the proof
  • "Not Relevant": Will lock the proof


Review and Approve Matrix

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