Creating and using proof groups

Proof Groups are an efficient way of managing members who will often need to Review and/or Approve items in files & discussions. You can use proof groups to streamline your review and approve process.

Setting up proof groups

To setup a proof group login and navigate to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup > Proof > Proof Groups. If there are no proof groups here you can begin creating a proof group right away and if there is at least one proof group already created click on the button Add Proof Group to create a new one. Creating a proof group requires that you do three things; create a proof group name, add participant email addresses, and add participant roles. When you are finished adding these details click save.

Note: Non-iMeet® Central user emails can be added to Proof Groups; users do not need a iMeet Central account in order to review a Proof. The result should look something like the following:



Using proof groups

To use a Proof Group begin by starting a new proof. When the launch approval light box appears click on the drop down menu titled Select Proof Group and then click on Insert. Doing so will add the members of your proof group into the fields below. When you are finished with this area click Create Proof at the bottom of this light box to begin working on your proof. An example of the Launch Approval Process screen used during this process is shown below:

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