Default settings for proofs

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As an account administrator you will be able to control the default account settings for new proofs. You will be able to configure the settings that control notification settings for reviewers, whether or not you will require only one decision before a proof is considered finished, and you can choose whether or not you want the proof to be subscription-enabled.

To access the default settings for your proofs, first select the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and click Company Setup > Proof.



  • Only one decision required: After one decision is made the proof will be treated as finished. No automated reminders will be sent and the proof will be locked if that setting has been turned on.
  • Notification Settings for Reviewers: This allows you to choose the notification settings for reviewers. The options available are "All New Comments and Replies", "Replies to my comments", "Daily Summary", "Hourly Summary", "Decisions Only" and "Disabled".
  • Subscription Enabled: This setting allows anyone accessing the proof through the proof URL to add themselves to the proof.
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