People tab

The People tab is where you can view the workspace directory. If you are a workspace administrator, you have additional options such as adding new members, managing member permissions and customizing the view. Clicking on the People tab will direct you to the directory page, which lists the members of the workspace. The default fields in the view include Full Name, Department Title, Email, Phone Number, as well as a shortcut to users’ calendars.

Note: The People tab is always available to company and workspace administrators; the tab can be enabled for all members under Tab Options within Workspace Settings.

Administrative View of the People Tab

Workspace and Company Administrators will have additional options when viewing the People tab. They can add members, set permissions for the workspace, or customize the fields in view.




Add Members

Click the Add Members button to invite new members to the workspace.

Set Permissions

To change user privileges click on Permissions. Use the check-boxes associated with users to add and remove member privileges. When you’re done click Update Permissions near the bottom right to save changes. Use the check-boxes to the right of a member's name to remove users from the workspace or reset user passwords using the Remove or Reset Password buttons.

Customize The Directory View

Administrators can customize the People Tab view by clicking on Options > Customize.  Customizing allows an administrator to add or remove fields in in the view. Any custom profile fields created can also be added to the view.




Export Directory to CSV

Workspace members can export the list of members by clicking Export to CSV. This will produce a pop-up window where members can choose to open or save the file to their console.

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