Time tracking

Time Tracking allows members to track the amount of time spent on a Task. This is useful for accounting measures such as allocating resources, managing a budget, recording billable hours and more. The time field allows the use of decimals to distinguish partial hours, colons are not accepted. Members can utilize the Time Tab in a workspace to view a report of time records or to add a new record. The Time tab can be enabled in the workspace Tab Options.

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Adding Time Records to Tasks
Reporting Time with the Time Tracker 
Creating New Time Records

Adding Time Records to Tasks

Go to an existing Task List in the Time spent column (this must be enabled in the company setup menu) and click on the pencil icon in the Time spent column to log hours.

From here the user can enter in a quick time record entry.


Or the member can choose to enter more details by clicking on "Advanced entry". This will give the member the ability to enter a date, member name, hours, notes, and any other custom fields created by the Company Administrator. In this example our users are taking advantage of a billable yes/no checkbox to help them track which hours should be billed to their external clients.

time record advanced entry

Advanced time entries can also be added and viewed under the Time Tracker tab in the Task Detailed View.


Reporting Time with the Time Tracker

Time tracking records for a workspace can be viewed by going to the Time tab. Fields for referenced Tasks and Task Lists for each time entry are automatically populated. Time entries can be filtered by member as well as date of entry. The time record list can sort by date, hours, notes, the reference task name, and any custom fields.

The following options are available in the Time tab:

  • New Record
  • Export to CSV
  • Print
time tracker

Creating New Time Records from the Time Tab

This function is used to add Time Records that are not associated with any task, adding some flexibility to the way your organization tracks time.

  1. Go to the Time tab
  2. Click the New Record button, complete the form, and click Save
new record
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