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Milestones are significant projects that consist of tasks in associated task lists. You can view the progression and development status of milestones based on the completion of tasks.

Learn about:
Milestone list view
Milestone detailed view
Creating milestones
Milestone options
Shifting dependent milestones
Undoing a milestone deletion

Milestone sidebar

To view milestones in List View, select the Project Management tab and choose Tasks & Milestones. All of the milestones within the workspace will be listed on the left side of the page. Select Expand All or Collapse All to view or consolidate all task lists associated with milestones. To view all of the milestones in list view select View as list. This directs you to milestone list view, here you can easily perform bulk actions to update multiple milestones at once. 

Note: In the sidebar Milestones are sorted by due date and then alphanumerically.

Milestone detailed view

In the milestone detailed view you can complete a milestone by clicking Complete Milestone or re-open a completed milestone by Reopen Milestone. From here you can add a comment to the Milestone, or you can view the Audit Log for the activity of the milestone. You will also see the progress of the entire milestone (based on all tasks) as well as associated task lists:
  1. The % complete for all the tasks associated
  2. The % complete for each of the associated task lists

Quickly assign users

Use "Assign to me" or "Add members" to quickly assign milestones to yourself or others.


Creating new milestones

  1. Select Project Management > New Milestone
  2. Fill out the Milestone details:
    • Title: enter the milestone title
    • Description: add a description in a multi-line text box which allows most formatting options including links and file attachments
    • Start/Due Date: set the duration of the milestone
    • Assignees: assign workspace members to the milestone
    • Reminders: send an email notification reminder based on the Due Date
    • CC: copy workspace members on email notifications
    • Internal Use Only: mark the milestone for Internal Use Only
    • Notify via Email: send an email notification to assignees upon the creation of the milestone
    • This Milestone depends on: designate the milestone as dependent upon other milestones
    • Learn more about creating Custom Milestone Properties
  3. Click Create


Milestone options

Milestones can be edited by clicking "Edit" just below the milestone title. Milestones can be deleted by clicking "Delete". Click on "More" for additional options such as:
  • Archive: archive the milestone for viewing at a later date (moves milestone to a separate Archive section)  To get to the archived milestones: Project Management tab>Tasks and Milestones>Options>Go to Archives
  • Clone: make a copy of the milestone
  • Move: move the milestone to another workspace
  • Get Permalink: provides a permanent link to milestone that will not break even if the item is moved
  • Milestone Gantt: view the Gantt chart for the milestone
  • Milestone Status Report: view the status report for the milestone
  • Export to CSV: export the entire milestone and the contained tasks to a CSV file
  • Convert to Milestone Template: converts your milestone into a milestone template which allows for future ease of creation when creating similar milestone


Shifting dependent milestones

When editing the due date of a milestone, the due date of all dependent milestones and associated tasks can also be changed by an equal number of days. To shift all dependent milestones and tasks, simply check the corresponding boxes after editing a milestone's due date.



Undoing a milestone deletion

When deleting a milestone you can recover the deleted milestone by clicking "Undo" in the green pop up box that appears at the top of the screen after selecting "Delete".


Once the milestone is restored, a green dialogue box will pop up to confirm the success of the milestone’s recovery. Refresh the page to see the milestone appear again.

Note: Once the page has been refreshed after a milestone has been deleted the undo options will no longer be available.
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