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Save web pages

Saving a new link

iMeet Central allows users to share external links with other members, providing a central place to discuss any current topics that relate to a company or workspace. To share a link navigate to the Files & Discussions tab. Select New > Link

New Link 

At the share a link or web page screen you will be prompted to:

  • Paste a link
  • Provide a title (the title will attempt to populate based on the link provided)
  • Enter a link description
  • Add tags
  • Save to a specific folder
  • Notify and discuss with others (select the users and add a comment for the notification)
New Link or web page

Add a link with the +Save Page bookmarklet

iMeet Central also allows you to save and share web pages directly in your browser. Navigate to the new link screen above (New > Link), and drag the save page bookmarklet directly to your browser toolbar.



Users can then utilize the bookmark on any web page to quickly save the link to iMeet Central. Select a title, Workspace, folder, add a description, and notify others of the link directly from the browser.

Add a link

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