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Capture the mood of a collaborative project with iMeet® Central Moodboards. Moodboards give you a centralized location to share images that evoke a certain mood, or a similar goal, across your teams allowing for visual collaboration.

Moodboards functionality allows you to create a unique board that can be accessed in a workspace, made available to all members.

How to set up a Moodboard

Please make sure the Moodboards tab is enabled in your workspace by first going to Settings > Tab Options and checking on Moodboards.

Once your Moodboard is enabled, click on the tab and click on "Create a New Moodboard"

Create new board

Name your board and click "Create"


Name your board

Adding the Moodboards bookmarklet

iMeet® Central offers a unique way of integrating into your bookmarks to quickly snag images from a given webpage, and add them to your Moodboard. Please make sure that the bookmark toolbar in your browser is visible.


Add bookmark



Once your Moodboard is created, drag the +Moodboards button to your bookmark toolbar area. This is a quick way to grab images from a website and add them directly onto your Moodboard without having to save and upload the file.

Uploading Images to your Moodboard from your +Moodboards bookmarklet

Visit any website you like with the images that fit your mood. Once on this website, click your +Moodboards bookmarklet. Notice that all the images on that website are now highlighted. You are now able to mass select, or specifically select the images you want to bring over to your Moodboard.

Uploading images to your Moodboard from your computer

Add multiple files to your Moodboard by dragging and dropping images from your local hard drive or desktop.

Adding files



Success! Your files have now  uploaded and appear as image tiles. Hover over the images to view the image name and who uploaded it.

Sample new board 

Deleting a Moodboard

To delete a Moodboard click on the trashcan icon. Click Ok on the light box that appears. 

Deleting moodboard


Creating a new Moodboard

You can create a new Moodboard by click on the drop down arrow that appears next to your current Moodboard name. 


add new board

Interacting with Moodboard images

Click on an image in your Moodboard to view:

  • Image description
  • Download image
  • Grab a link
  • Leave a comment
  • Create a dialogue with your team around the image

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