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Document status

The document status field is used to indicate the status of any file. This status can be set when adding a new document to a workspace or when viewing a document's details. The default status options are:

  • Draft
  • Pending Approval
  • Approved
  • Final [READONLY]
  • Cancelled
Note: Documents with a status of Final [READONLY] cannot be edited by any members other than the Workspace Administrator. Workspace Administrators are also the only members who can change a status from Final [READONLY] status.


Changing status

To change a file's status within file preview, double-click the current status link or click the More tab.  




In file preview you may also directly click on the status, then change it by using the drop down menu to select the status.




Status Updates may also be changed in bulk/list view.  Start by selecting the arrow on the far right of the file you want to select.  From there you would click the status you would like to change it to.




Custom status

Company Administrators can add custom document statuses by navigating to Account > Company Setup > General > Workspace Defaults, entering one custom status per line to the Document Status Options box, and clicking Update.

To make a custom status "read only," enter the phrase [READONLY] after the status. For no status, we recommend using a - .

Workspace Administrators can customize the Document Status Options of a specific workspace as well. To customize the Document Status Options of a workspace, navigate to a workspace, select Settings > General Settings > Configuration Options, enter one custom status per line to the Document Status Options box, and click Update.

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