System folders

In any workspace's Files & Discussions tab, there are system folders that can be used to categorize items for easy navigation and location. System folders can be accessed by clicking on the Files by Folder drop-down menu and selecting Files by Type.


Descriptions of the system folders are as follows:

  • Items I created: All files and discussions created or uploaded by you are listed here.
  • Archive: This folder can be used to place items in an "archived" state for backup purposes.My favorite items: All files and discussions you have marked as a Favorite are listed here.

Trash folder

The Trash folder is located at the bottom of the Files by Folder folder tree in the Files & Discussions tab. All items deleted from Files & Discussions are listed here. Any item in the Trash folder can be permanently deleted to reduce storage space. All items older than 30 days are permanently deleted by the system.  

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