Tagging items in iMeet® Central allows you to browse or search related information (with a common tag) across multiple workspaces. Any uploaded file, online document, online spreadsheet, discussion, saved webpage, or task can be tagged with one or more keywords. Once tagged, these items can be retrieved via tag clouds, the advanced search function, and file sorting.

Enable tagging

Tagging is an optional feature which can be enabled by a Company Administrator across all workspaces through the Company Settings. To enable (or disable) tagging, navigate to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup > General > Configuration Options, select Yes or No under Enable Tagging, then select Update.


Adding, removing and editing tags

To add, remove or edit the tags of a specific item, navigate to the desired item and select the Add Tags or Edit Tags option.

To add tags, choose from the list of existing tags or create a new one. To remove a tag, highlight the tag with your cursor and press delete or backspace on your keyboard.  After making the desired adjustments to your tags, click Save.

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