Virus scanning

The added security of virus scanning on files is available for Enterprise and Agency customers. This feature scans all uploaded files for viruses, malwares and other potential threats. Virus scanning is optional and turned OFF by default.

If a threat is found in a file, the file will be quarantined and users will be prevented from downloading it unless a Workspace or Company Administrator removes the file from quarantine.

Quarantined File in Files and Discussions

Enable Virus Scanning

Virus Scanning is enabled on the company level by Company Administrators. To access this option, navigate to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Settings > Configuration Options > Optional Features > Enable Virus Scanning > Check YES > Click Update.

Enable Virus Scanning

Quarantined Files

If a file is uploaded and flagged as being a potential threat, it will be quarantined for an Administrator to either approve or deny. The file will not be available for download while quarantined. The file will appear with a warning icon instead of the normal corresponding file icon. The file preview page will show a warning to all users attempting to access the file explaining the current quarantined condition.

Quarantined File Preview

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