Folders in Files & Discussions

Folders are beneficial for managing and organizing content under Files & Discussions. Folders can be created by clicking on the New drop down menu and then selecting Folder. A light-box will appear allowing you the options to name the folder, specify the location and designate it as Internal Use Only

New Folder
Note: the following symbols are not supported in folder names and will be stripped: # % & * : < > ? / \ { | } . This is in line with Windows naming conventions.


Organize the Files + discussions in folders

The side navigation pane allows you to view your files in filtered views. The folder view menu is accessed by clicking the arrow next to Files by Folder. These views include Files by Folder, Files by Type, Files by Tag and Files by Status. The default view is Files by Folder, which sorts files through the folders they reside in.



The Files by Type filter will display the system folders, which includes Announcements, Attachments, Internal Attachments, and Archives folder. The other filters organize the content by other criteria.  

Drag and drop files and folders

Files and folders can be dragged from the main view and dropped into folders in the side navigation pane. Hold the CTRL key to select multiple files and folders before dragging them. 

Editing and deleting folders

To edit or delete a folder under Files & Discussions, you will want to click on the folder in the folder tree located the side pane. Once you have clicked on the folder, the main navigation pane will show the name of the folder with a pencil icon and drop-down arrow next to it. Click on this icon and options are presented to allow you to Edit, Email this Folder, Share Folder or Trash.

Delete Folder
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