Attaching files to database records

It can often be useful to associate files with database records, and iMeet® Central supports both linking existing files to database records and creating files from within the record's attachment area itself.

Enabling attachments

Before files can be attached to database records, an option in the properties tab for the database needs to be checked. Within the database in question, navigate to Options > Edit (under the Database Actions section).

Then ensure that "Files and/or Discussions related to them" is checked within the Attachments section of the Properties tab. Click Save Changes and then navigate back to the database.


Attaching files

After attaching files settings has been enabled, you can include attachments when viewing a database record. A Files & Discussions tab (not to be confused with the Files & Discussions system tab at the top of the screen) will appear below the record fields.

Database records can be viewed by clicking the magnifying glass icon on the far left or automatically after a new record is created.

From here, uploading files is the same as it is for the Files & Discussions system tab. To attach a file, simply click Upload and select either Single File or Multiple Files; if your browser supports it, you can also drag a file from a folder or from your desktop into the designated space. Likewise, creating new files (discussions, online documents, spreadsheets, and diagrams) is also similar: simply click New and then select the type of file you wish to create and attach.

Note: files and discussions that are attached to database records are stored in the attachments folder by default.

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