Search fields values with database runtime filters

iMeet® Central allows you to create custom database views to organize, filter and sort records. Runtime filters allow you to edit the view on the fly without modifying the view or creating many similar views. This feature is useful for searching for values within a record.

For example, if you have a company directory database you can create a single view called "Directory" with a runtime filter for your "Department" field and use this one view to look at all members of the directory based on individual departments.

To add runtime filters to a database view, simply select Options > Edit (View Actions). Check the "Runtime?" box that corresponds to the field you want to filter on in the screen view.


Once you save this view, it will look like this:

runtime, filter

Additionally, you can rearrange the fields in your view by dragging and dropping each field using the box under the order column:

aarange filter

Please note that Runtime Filters cannot be applied to views using "Or" Conditions.

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