Arrange database fields

You can arrange database fields to organize layout for viewing records and the layout for editing records. To arrange the database fields, navigate to a database then click Options > Edit (under Database Actions) > Arrange Fields tab.

Layout for viewing and layout for edit

The page you initially end up in after clicking the Arrange Fields tab is where you can modify the Layout for Viewing. Altering this layout changes how a user sees a database record. You can also modify what fields are available when editing a record by clicking on the Layout for Edit link located on the top left. This section allows you to change the layout for what a user sees when creating a new record or editing an existing record.

Arranging fields

Rearrange fields by dragging and dropping the fields to an area of your choice. You can also control the width of fields so that you can fit either one or two fields on the same line.

Arrange Database Fields



This is an example of how database fields have been rearranged for the view of database records:


Create new sections

You can also create new sections to place fields. Drag and drop the object titled Add New Section to Drop Fields Here. Once added, you can add a title to the section.

arrange fields



This is an example of a database layout with sections: 

Note: Field arrangement will not apply to the Database Web Capture form.
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