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Database formula field calculations

Field calculations can be performed in a database by adding a formula field. Field calculations allow you to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations on any numeric fields in your database. Operations can also be grouped using parentheses (ie. (Field A + Field B) * Field C) The calculated value is then stored and displayed in the formula field.

To add a formula field to a database:

1. In your iMeet® Central database click on Options > Edit > Create New Field



2. Complete the details for the new field and select Formula, Numeric (With Decimals) as the Field Type. An optional Unit of Measure can be entered which will be added to the value within the formula field. 

3. Click Create New Field

4. You will be redirected to the Edit Existing fields page. Now, you can create the formula for the new field. Choose from the available numeric database fields and click the Insert button to add the field variable to the formula. Available operators are: + - / * ()

Formula Field
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