Creating databases from existing templates

One of the available options when creating a new database is to create it using one of our existing templates. This can be useful when creating commonly used databases. The fields in these databases can always be modified like any other database in a workspace.

To create a new database from an existing template:

1. Click on the Database tab and click New Database. Select the option to Start from one of our Existing Templates.



2. Select the desired template type.



3. Give the database a name and description, set the Visibility Settings, and activate Attachments if desired.

4. Click Create Database. The add record window will appear. Records can be added using the pre-existing fields.

Available database templates

The database templates available on iMeet® Central are designed to encompass the necessary information both wanted and needed in these commonly used databases. The following list includes the types of database templates available as well as the field types found within:

  • Sample Contacts: Company, Full Name, Email, Phone, Address

  • Employee Directory: Full Name, Title, Company, Department, Primary Email, Secondary Email, Work-Address, Work Phone, Mobile Phone, Home Address, Home Phone, Employee Photo, Additional Information

  • Product Catalog: Product Name, Product Manufacturer, Part Number, Internal Part Number, Product Description (Short), Product Description (Long), Product Category, Wholesale Price, Retail Price, Product Image, Technical Notes

  • Asset Tracker: Item Name, Manufacturer Name, Part Number, Model ID, Serial Number, Item Description, Category, Department, PO Number, Date Purchased, Purchase Price, Comments, Image

  • Event Registration: Full Name, Email Address, Company, Title (at your company), Website/URL, Address

Database fields can be created or modified at any time using the Options menu found in the database view.

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