Database subscriptions

Create Database Subscriptions based on the standard or custom views of a particular database. The subscriptions menu can be found by navigating to the database standard or custom view and then selecting Options > Subscriptions.


Subscriptions Menu

Selecting the subscription option displays the following menu:



The recipients menu shows the user picker subscription box. Typing a group or individual member and hitting enter subscribes them to the database view based on the frequency settings. Any member subscribed to the view will receive an email with a snapshot of the database, along with links to edit or view the records in the view. Just below the member selection area is an external email address box for non-workspace members. Adding external subscribers' email addresses here allows them to receive an image of the view without any links to the actual records. This can be quite helpful for keeping those outside of the workspace informed on a particular database.


The options menu provides email frequency options for the database view as well as specific intervals based on the selected frequency. The email frequency options are:

  • Daily: a daily email subscription to the view based on hourly intervals within a specified time frame.
  • Weekly: a weekly email subscription to the view based on selected days of the week at a specific time of day.
  • Monthly (by date): a monthly email subscription to the view based on a specific day of the month and a specific time of the day.
  • Monthly (by day of week): a monthly email subscription to the view based on a specific day and time of the week.

Each email frequency setting has the option to "Email even if no results." Selecting this check box will send an email of the view even if no results are found in the criteria.

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