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Click-to-edit database fields

By double-clicking most database fields, it is possible to edit the field without having to edit the entire record. Click-to-edit can be used in either the database view or in database record view. Editing fields this way allows for more time spent on work, not navigating.

click to edit 


Note that changes made via click-to-edit will not trigger an email notification to subscribers, but will trigger workflow.


Using click-to-edit on database fields

Fields that can be edited through click-to-edit change from the standard gray to yellow when your cursor is moved over it. They will also have a pencil icon.

It is not required to click on the pencil icon, simply double-clicking anywhere in the field will open the corresponding edit pane. A lightbox will appear for text (multi-line) fields, drop-down menus will appear with all preset options, and date fields will have a calendar appear for easy date selection.

To save changes, simply hit the enter key or by click out of edit mode. To exit edit mode without saving your changes, click on the X on the right side of the edit pane.

Click-to-Edit Database Fields


Click-to-edit is available on all database field types apart from the WYSIWYG (Rich Text Editor). This field will not turn yellow and show the edit icon the way other database field types will. WYSIWYG fields need to be edited in the record edit mode.
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