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Adding new database records with application blocks and web forms

Records can be added directly through the database area of a workspace by clicking on the New Record button. You can also add records to a database using an Application Block or Web Form.

Adding records with an application block

Application Blocks can be added to any online document or wiki page in your workspace. This allows database records to be added from almost anywhere in the workspace. To add the Database Add Record Form while editing an online document or wiki:

  1. Click on the Insert More icon
  2. Select Database
  3. Select Add Record Form for Type
  4. Select the database which you would like to use
  5. Select the landing page you want users to see once they have completed the form
  6. Click Insert.

Adding records with a web form

The Web Form can be used to capture data that will be entered into an iMeet® Central database. The Web Form HTML code can be copied and placed in virtually any web page -- inside or outside iMeet Central. With a little HTML coding, the look and feel of the form can be modified to match an external web site. Web Forms are a good way of allowing non-workspace members to add records to the database too.

To access the Web Form code:

  1. Navigate to a database
  2. Click on the Options menu near the top-right
  3. Select Web Form

To add your own thank you page for users to be sent to, first you'll need to enter it into the "Confirmation URL" field.  The re-direct link will also need to be inserted into the webform code, replacing the phrase "MYSITEURL".  The link must appear in the Confirmation URL field for it to be validated once a user submits a new form.

Note: HTML is a static mark-up language -- it does not automatically update when database fields are changed. If changes are made to database fields or relational field options, you must get the latest Web HTML Form code using the steps outlined above.


Here is an example of an external webform:


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