Creating a database by importing from Excel

To begin creating a database by importing from Excel, click on the Database tab and then click New Database. Select the option to Import from an Existing Table.


Note: Due to certain types of formatting in Excel, some adjustments may need to be made in order for the data to be processed correctly. For instance, it is best to remove any carriage returns and commas from the cells before you copy and paste them.

Enter a name and description for the new database, then set the configuration options (which can be modified at any time after creating the database in Database Properties), and click Next to proceed.


Verify the column labels and select the type of data each column will store. The column types help to ensure that the proper data is added and also assists in searching and sorting.

Choose the primary field and whether each column is required and/or searchable.

A default value can also be specified for most column types. The default value is automatically entered when a new record is created, but can be changed before the record is saved.

When ready, click Create Database.


Once the database has been created, you should be taken to your database and see a list of imported records.

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