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Wikis are very simple, community-based pages that can be edited and viewed by members of a workspace. Wiki pages on iMeet® Central are created and modified using an Online Text Editor, which allows the pages to easily be edited in place with an editor that is capable of advanced formatting features.

The first Wiki page you will probably notice in iMeet Central is the Wiki tab. Click on the Edit This Page button to enter the online editor. Buttons at the top of the editor allow you to add styles to and format text, insert images, attach files, add application blocks, and more.

Online Documents and Wiki pages are very similar in the way they are edited and displayed. Online documents appear in the Files & Discussions tab of a workspace and are not visible on public workspaces. Wiki pages do not appear in the Files & Discussions tab, but are accessible on public workspaces. Wiki pages and online documents can be converted back and forth.

Click on Files & Discussions > New drop-down menu > Document

After creating an Online Document, click on the Options drop-down menu. Select Convert to Wiki Page



The Wiki Options Menu


  • Add to favorites: Sends a direct link to your Wiki page to your Favorites tab
  • Permalink: Creates a permanent link that can be shared to external users, will lead directly to that page. The link will not expire.
  • Help with Wiki: Link to help for your Wiki
  • Edit Page
  • Email Page
  • Make Online Doc: Converts the Wiki into an Online Document
  • Mode: Force HTML: Puts the Wiki into "HTML Mode". When users click "edit", they will see the HTML of the wiki, instead of the usual WYSIWYG Text Editor
  • Print to PDF: This option prints your Online Doc to a PDF, and prompts a download of the PDF.
  • Trash: This option moves the Wiki to the Trash folder, from where it can be Permanently Deleted.
  • Password Protect Page: When enabled, a password, that you specify, is required to access the Wiki.
  • Table of Contents: Displays a list of all the Wikis in the workspace

Note: Currently Print to PDF cannot be used to print wikis containing application blocks.

Using the Wiki Tree

Wiki pages can be organized via "drag and drop", as shown below.

wiki drag and drop


The Comments, Version History, and Audit Log Tabs


  • Comments: Click Add a Comment, and check Notify Subscribers to syndicate your comment via email.
  • Version Control: Like all files on iMeet Central, online docs maintain a history of revisions. See the Version History Tab below the WIki page to see a list of previous versions. View a previous version in read-only mode, compare 2 different versions, or roll-back to a previous version.
  • Audit Log: The Audit Log displays a record for each time a member views the Wiki page, or saves a new version.

Other Wiki Features

  • Version Mismatch

If, while you are editing a Wiki, another user edits and saves it, you will see the below message when you try to save:


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