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The Home tab is common to all Workspaces and is the default landing page for members entering the Workspace. For a Project Management default start page use Home. If you want Wiki style editing change the start page to FrontPage. You can start on virtually any page you want by simply typing in the page name. For example, if you want to start all users on the the Calendar just type the word calendar.


Note: Page names are case sensitive. If you use the Home tab on your Workspace, this is also the URL that the Home tab will point to.


Setting the Workspace Start Page

The Home tab cannot be renamed or removed, however you can change the default start page that members will see when they first enter the Workspace.

Enter the Workspace > Settings > General Settings > under Options enter the desired start page 

Customizing Home

Click the Customize link under Options in the top-right to change the layout or content of the page.


Add your own content and change the appearance using the buttons at the top of the editor. Add Application Blocks to add dynamic information and increased functionality to your page. You can make changes visually using the WYSIWYG mode or click the HTML code icon in the tool bar to edit the code directly. 

Using FrontPage as the Default Start Page

Other than home, another popular start page is the FrontPage of a Wiki . Setting this as the default will forward members to the Front Page of the Wiki when entering the Workspace. This type of start page is particularly useful in the creation of an Intranet page.

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