How to install cloud assist

NOTE: Cloud Assist is no longer supported by Safari because of recent updates made by Apple. Please use a different browser to take advantage of Cloud Assist.

Cloud Assist lets you edit files directly from iMeet® Central using the native applications installed on your computer. 

Cloud Assist is compatible with the following operating systems:

PC: Windows XP or higher

Mac: OSX 10.7 or higher 


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Installing Cloud Assist
Installing in Chrome
Enabling in Internet Explorer

Installing Cloud Assist

      1. To install Cloud Assist, start by navigating to a file you wish to edit and go to the file view.

      2. Click the Edit button.


       3. Click the Download & Install button on the prompt window that opens.


      4. Open the Cloud Assist installation file.

      5. If an "Open File - Security Warning" appears, click the "Run" button. Allow Setup Wizard to run.


      6. If a "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer?" warning appears, click the "Yes" button 


      7. Follow the Cloud Assist Setup Wizard guide.


    8. Select all the browsers you wish to have the Cloud Assist extension added to.


      9. Finish installation.


Installing in Chrome

When installing Cloud Assist through the Chrome browser, an additional extension is needed. After selecting to download and install Cloud Assist while in Chrome, you will see the following window:


Select "Install Chrome Extension". 

A new window will then appear. Select "Add"


The following window will then appear:


Select "Download & Install Cloud Assist" and the installation process will then return to the standard steps outlined in this article.

Enabling Cloud Assist in Internet Explorer

Once Cloud Assist has been installed in your computer, you will need to enable the plugin within the Internet Explorer browser. 

When initially opening Internet Explorer after the Cloud Assist installation, you will be prompted in the banner with the option to enable the 'iMeet Central MSIE Add on' add-on from 'iMeet Central Inc.' You May select to enable the add-on here. 


Alternatively you may also navigate to the Add-ons section and enable the add-on as well. Navigate to Internet Explorer and select Tools > Manage add-ons. Make sure to be under Toolbars and Extensions for the Add-on Types section located on the left hand side. Select to highlight the "iMeet Central MSIE Addon" and hit enable towards the bottom right hand of the window. 

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