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Setting up Web Folders on Windows

Plan Compatibility:
  • Enterprise and Agency customers have full access to Web Folders.
  • Professional customers have READ ONLY access to Web Folders.


Due to how Office 2013 handles WebDav, we recommend using a third-party application to integrate web folders with Office 2013.


Web Folders support is native in Windows and is accomplished by mapping a network folder to a drive letter. Follow the steps below to connect to iMeet® Central. After the network drive is mapped it will appear in "Computer" as a drive with the letter you choose during setup.

 To configure Web Folders on Windows:

Go to Start > Computer and click Map Network Drive


Choose a drive letter, enter https://webfolders.imeetcentral.com Click Connect using different credentials


When prompted, enter your iMeet Central username and password. Make sure to enter your username in all lower case characters. 

Click Finish 

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