Bulk edit database records

Within the database view select the check box next to each record, then select edit. You have the option to edit any of the fields in the current database view.

In the example below I have chosen 3 records where I'd like to change the account manager.



After you've selected the field you want to change and have updated the value, click 'Apply Changes' for your bulk edit to take effect.


Bulk edit triggering workflow

Once the records are changed an Undo button appears. There is a 10 second delay between when the records are updated and when workflow is triggered. If you select Undo, workflow will not be triggered and the fields will revert back to the previous values.



When changes are made via bulk edit, the system does not send email default notifications for the changes. Notifications will only be sent if a change made is related to an email notification workflow rule.

Warning: Settings to prevent duplicates with bulk edit

If you would like bulk edit to respect your field options to prevent duplicates, in Database options you must select Allow Duplicates > No. Select 'Yes' to allow duplicates and to enable a warning prompt when a value is being changed to match an existing record.



Then in field options select prevent duplicates, this field will not be available for bulk edit.  

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