Milestone forms

Milestone forms allow you to control which milestone fields are displayed in your milestones and milestone templates.

To access and create milestone forms, navigate to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup>Custom Fields>Milestone Properties>Forms. Please note that only company admins can create and edit forms.


To create a new form, click on the "New Form" button in the top left. On the pop up box that appears, enter a title, add a description, and clone from an existing form if desired.


To edit or delete an existing form, select the drop down menu that appears when you hover to the far right of the form.

From this menu, you can edit the description/title or the layout of the form, delete the form, or set the form as the default form for your newly created milestones or milestone templates where a form is not already selected.


To select a form in a milestone, navigate to the milestone and select Edit. On the edit page of the milestone, you can choose which form to apply to the milestone. This will update the fields that appear in the edit and view layout of the milestone, based on the settings of the milestone form.



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