Document routing

Workflow centered around file management and document status is an effective way to manage the routing of documents in an organization.  The automation options available in iMeet® Central allows tremendous flexibility 

Use Case

Radio Z100 is a radio broadcasting company that generates copy for advertisements played on their station.  Copy needs to undergo a rigorous drafting and review process before it is finalized and sent to production.  With the heavy influx of new copy, it is difficult for team members to stay on top of which phase of review a document is currently in.  To better manage their drafting process, Radio Z100 wants to leverage Folder Workflow rules and document status to help channel notifications and tasks through various rounds of approval.

Features Used:

Files & Discussions


Creating the Folder Structure and Configuring Document Status

In this instance, the folder structure should reflect the two phases of a document's life cycle.  For the parent folder Copy, two subfolders Draft and Final have been created.  

Folder Outline

  • Copy
    • Draft
    • Final 

Document Status

From Workspace Settings>Configuration Options, the Document Status Options have been configured as follows:

  • Draft
  • Review
  • Changes Required
  • Final

Workflow Configuration

There are three different types of workflow rules that will be used in the document routing process.

Action Rules

  • When a new document is created in the Drafts folder, set Document Status to Draft
  • When a document is moved into the Final folder, set Document Status to Final

Task Rules:

  • When the document status is changed to Review, task assigned to Copy Editor to review the document
  • When the document status is changed to Changes Required, task assigned to file creator

Notification Rules:

  • When document is moved into Final folder, notify production team

How it Works

  1. User uploads new document to Draft folder
  2. Document status changed to Draft
  3. Changes made to Draft document until ready for review
  4. Document status manually changed to Review
  5. Task assigned to Copy Editor to review document
  6. Copy Editor reviews draft
    • If copy requires further modification, document status changed to Changes Required and task assigned to file creator
  7. If copy is approved, Copy Editor moves the file to the Final folder
  8. Document status changed to Final and Production Team notified 
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