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Custom database views

The database Standard View returns the first four fields listed in the database. Often times, it is more valuable to look at different database information. Accordingly, you may want to create a new view that is customized to your needs.

Creating a custom view 

To create a custom view:

1. Go to the database where you want to create the new view.

2. Select the drop down menu that says Standard View to select Create New View, or select Options > Create New under the View Actions heading.  

Create New View Link

3. In the Create a New View screen, enter a name for your view.

4. In the Fields in this View section, use the first column of drop down menus to select the fields you would like to show from your database. 

5. (Optional) It is also possible to add more granular filters to views. For instance, fields can be restricted to show only records that meet certain criteria. Use the middle drop down menus to add more criteria to your view. You can choose to display the field or add a runtime filter as well. 

6. Set the Default Sort. This is the order which your results will be displayed.

Create New View

7. Click Save This View. You will now see the database view you have just created. 

Database View

Using the "OR" Condition

When creating a custom view, you can compare criteria using the "OR" condition or the "AND" condition. These conditions determine what criteria must be met for a record to be displayed in the view. Only one of the criteria with an "OR" condition must be met for a record to be displayed. 

For example:


For a record to show in this custom view, it would have to have status of "Draft" or "Pending Approval" or "Approved". The view here would show "Product Name" and "Status" as shown below.

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