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Updated: Review and approve overview


HTML 5 update

In a continuing effort to improve overall user experience, we have made some changes to our Review and Approve feature. In this article, we will explore the new Review and Approve HTML 5 proof viewer.

Look and Feel

Below is the new proof viewer. The basic functionality is the same. At the top of the screen are the "Add Comment" and "Make a Decision" buttons along with the page view features and the markup tools. Comments are on the rights and tools are on the left. At the bottom are the "Zoom", "Fit to screen", and "1:1" functions.




Settings options have changed. The settings icon is the last option in the tools menu. Here you can choose to show markups, show pins, use expanded markup tools (more annotation tools appear), and use the desktop app. Please always make sure that the desktop app feature is OFF. Proofs within iMeet Central are only integrated for online use.


Expanded markup tools 



Decision Making Process

With the new look and feel of the Review and Approve tool, you'll find that decision making remains the same. 


Proof settings for your company can be adjusted by clicking on the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and selecting Company Setup>Proof>Default Proof Settings.

Proof States

Proofs have 3 states that they can be in: "Open", "Locked", or "Locked and Closed".

A proof is "Open" when there are still decisions to be made and people are actively working in the proof.

A proof is "Locked" when all decisions have been made OR when one decision is made and the "Complete proof after one decision" setting has been selected.

A proof is "Locked and Closed" if all decisions have been made OR if one decision of either "Approved" or "Approved with Changes" has been made and the "Complete proof after one decision" setting has been selected.

When a proof is "Locked", no further comments or decisions can be made on this proof. The proof will open again when a new version is uploaded starting a new round of review OR when the proof owner manually unlocks the proof for further review on the same round of review.

When a proof is "Locked and Closed", the proof cannot be opened again nor can a new round of review be kicked off by uploading a new version. This review process is considered complete. You can, however, start a brand new proof at this point if needed.

To summarize, here is how each proof decision will change the state of a proof:

  • "Approved": Will lock and close a proof
  • "Approved with Changes": Will lock and close a proof
  • "Changes Required": Will lock the proof
  • "Not Relevant": Will lock the proof




For a complete comparison read the article Differences Between the Legacy Flash and HTML 5 Proof Viewer 

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