New HTML 5 Web Proofing Viewer


We have an exciting update to share with you

We have replaced Flash with HTML 5 for a seamless proofing experience across all browsers. At the end of 2018, the Legacy Flash Proofing Viewer will be removed and no longer available. Your current Flash Proofing tools will be automatically updated to our HTML 5 Web Proofing Viewer.  

What does this mean for your team?

The HTML 5 upgrade is fundamentally the same proofing tool with some improvements. Creating, sharing, and participating in proofs remains the same. 

When you open a proof you'll notice that the new viewer looks a bit different. The HTML 5 Web Proofing Viewer has a black background and a few changes to the layout. This upgrade to the proof viewer will not affect your proof licenses, files, or notifications. 

HTML 5 Web Proofing Viewer


Legacy Flash Proofing Viewer



For a complete comparison read the article Differences Between the Legacy Flash and HTML 5 Proof Viewer and the updated Review and Approve Overview 

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