Roll-up Calendar


The calendar application block allows users to roll multiple calendars into one unified view.  This is particularly useful for workspaces that serve as hubs for concurrent projects.


Use Case

Jack & Jill is an ad agency that produces assorted digital media assets for clients.  Many clients will have multiple concurrent projects, each contained within a unique workspace.  Jack & Jill has already created a client hub to consolidate client-related communications, and would like to extend this condensed functionality to include calendar events.


Features Used:

Application blocks


Configuring the Calendar Application Block

From any WISYWIG editor that supports application blocks (Home Tab, Wiki, Online Document), click Insert More.


  1. Click the Calendar radio button
  2. From the New Calendar Block configuration popup, select the desired view, period, and which types of calendar items should appear on this view
  3. In the "From Workspace" search box, type in the name of a workspace or workspace group that should be included in the calendar view
  4. Click "Insert", then save your changes to the WISYWIG editor


The calendar block should now show a condensed view of all calendar activity across all selected workspaces.

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