Proof e-mail notifications

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Proof E-mail Notifications are e-mails sent to all reviewers of a Proof summarizing all activity. These notifications provide details, such as comments, status, decisions, and a link to the proof.


Proof email links are specific to each participant added to the proof. Thus, every proof participant has a unique email link sent to them so they can access the proof. Because of this convenience, proof participants do not have to sign in every time through the link.

We recommend that users do not share their personalized email link with anyone else.



Changing the default proof e-mail Frequency

A company administrator can change the default notification setting for new Proofs by going to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and selecting Company Setup > Proof > Default Proof Settings. The following notification settings are available for Proofs:

  • All new comments and replies: notify when any comments are made
  • Replies to my comments: notify only when there are replies to your own comments
  • Hourly Summary: send a summary e-mail ever hour with all activity
  • Decisions Only: notify only when there are decisions made
  • Disabled: do not send any notifications

Troubleshooting tips:

Please consider adding these Review & Approve mail servers if you are having issues receiving email notifications from your proofs:

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