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Commenting on proofs
Rendering decisions on proofs
iPad Proof App

Commenting on a proof

Adding comments and mark-ups to a proof is one of the core functions of the Review and Approve process. It can be done easily by clicking on the Add Comment button or one of the Markup icons. All comments can be viewed by others viewing the proof.



Rendering a decision

Proof Approvers can make a decision about the proof by clicking on the Finish Review button in the Review Tools. The combined decisions of all reviewers determine the status of the proof. In your Proof Settings, you can choose to whether you want to complete the proof after one decision.  

Decision Options

  • Approved: you have approved the proof
  • Approved with Changes: you have requested changes to the proof but don't need to see another version
  • Changes Required: proof is not approved, changes to the proof are required first.
  • Not Relevant: you do not think that you need to make a decision on this proof


iPad App

Review and approve can be accessed through your iPad. To access this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Install the ProofHQ app on your iPad.
  2. Login to iMeet® Central on your iPad using the full browser.
  3. Navigate to desired proof. The iPad app should automatically launch.
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