Email notifications and subscriptions

Subscribing Members

You can add participants to calendar events, subscribe workspace members to documents, discussions, wikis, database records, and more (note that you must have the List Admin permission enabled on your user account). Once subscribed, members will receive an email notification each time a comment or change is made.

To add subscribers/participants to a workspace item, select Subscribers or Share (depending upon the item). To add participants to a calendar event, you will need to edit the event. In the subscriber light-box, begin typing the name of the member or group you wish to subscribe.  As you type, possible results will be listed. Click the name of a member or group add them as a subscriber.  

Additionally, you can use the @Mentions feature to add subscribers. To mention a member, navigate to the comment section and type @ followed by the member's name.


To remove a subscriber, click on the Subscribers or Share button and then click on the X icon next to the member's name. You can also unsubscribe yourself by clicking the "Unsubscribe myself" button under the search area. This will also unsubscribe you from notifications if you are subscribed as part of a group. 


Select the magnifying glass icon to browse and filter all workspace members or groups using the following menus:



  1. Search & Filter: allows you to search for specific members or groups by name
  2. Group filter: allows you to apply group filters to the results
  3. Results: lists all workspace members and groups who have not been subscribed
  4. Added: lists all workspace members and groups who are subscribed

To add a new subscriber in the browse menu, simply click the member or group name from the Results menu. This will move the user to the Added menu.



Email notifications can be sent when certain actions are performed on workspace content. When available, a check-box will appear to next to “Notify...” where you can notify the members subscribed to the content.

In order to properly notify subscribers, you will need to add subscribers to workspace content BEFORE performing your actions.


Members can be subscribed to most workspace content; subscribed members will receive an email when a change is made or comments are added. Comment notifications can also be sent when uploading or making changes to workspace content.

Note: By default, email notifications are NOT sent to the member who is performing the action. For example, the member who modifies an Online Document and chooses to notify subscribed members will not receive the email notification of his/her own changes, unless the “cc Myself on Email Notifications” box is checked.


Unsubscribing from Email Notifications

Users of a subscribed members group on a workspace item are individually notified via email when a new comment is made in the comments section. To unsubscribe from these Email Notifications, open the corresponding "via iMeet Central" discussion email you received from within your personal email inbox, and click the "Click Here to Unsubscribe" link found at the bottom of this email.



You will then be directed to a page confirming the removal of the subscription.


You may also confirm that you successfully unsubscribed through the additional options under the Share button on the corresponding workspace item page. 

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