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Setting up WebDrive (3rd party app) on Mac OS X

Plan Compatibility:
  • iMeet® Central for Enterprise and iMeet Central for Agencies Customers have full access to Web Folders.
  • iMeet Central for Professional Customers have READ ONLY access to Web Folders.


Although Mac OS X has native support for web folders, we strongly recommend using a 3rd party application called WebDrive. WebDrive allows you to mount the network folder to a drive letter and offers a much better WebFolders experience.

WebDrive is not free, however a free trial is available. Download the client from the WebDrive website and follow the steps below to configure it to connect to your iMeet Central account. 

Note: It is also recommended that you update Mac OS X to the latest patch level.

  • Download and install WebDrive. For additional information see WebDrive Online Help. 
  • Run the WebDrive application and click New Site

  • Enter a name such as your company name, then click Next

  • Select WebDAV as the server type
  • Check the box to Use Secure HTTPS, then click Next

  • Enter your iMeet Central username and password, then click Next. Make sure to enter your username in all lower case characters. 
  • Select your newly created site profile
  • Click Mount, then click OK
  • The folder will be mounted as a drive 
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