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Mapping your iMeet account to your iMeet® Central account

To map your account, navigate to the company admin menu (gear icon in the top right) and select Company Setup>General>Web Conferencing.

On this page, fill in your iMeet credentials and select "Map iMeet Account". Please note that you must have an iMeet administrator account to complete this setup process.










When an iMeet account is provisioned within iMeet Central, all users within those accounts will be mapped to iMeet Central users based on their email addresses. If a user within iMeet does not have a matching email address in iMeet Central, it will be not be mapped to any accounts.

iMeet Central will do a nightly sync with the iMeet servers to sync up all accounts. If new users have been added to iMeet and iMeet Central, they will be mapped automatically each night. Additionally, iMeet Central admins have the option to manually refresh the sync in the Company Admin area of iMeet Central.

What does the iMeet integration do?

The iMeet integration allows you to schedule or launch iMeet meetings in 3 different ways:

iMeet Now from Create menu

From anywhere in iMeet Central, you can click on the Create menu (top right corner) and select iMeet. 










From here, you can invite users. Each invited user will receive an email invitation asking them to join your room.











After inviting users, your iMeet room will launch automatically.















Scheduled Events

Add your iMeet room to scheduled events and meetings in your iMeet Central calendar. To do this, navigate to the the "Options" section at the bottom of the event and select "Use meeting organizer's iMeet room".  








Event participants will be able to join your meeting room directly from iMeet Central by selecting "Join iMeet Room" on the event details page. 











iMeet Now from profiles

When you hover over any user or visit their profile, you'll be able to invite that user into your iMeet room with a single click using the iMeet Now option. 











Upon selecting "iMeet Now", your iMeet room will automatically open, and the invited user will receive an email with a link to your room.


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