iMeet® Central for mobile app overview

Download the iMeet Central for Mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace (search term: iMeet® Central).

Supported Devices

iMeet Central for Mobile installed application

  • iOS6+
  • Android 4.0+
Note: iMeet Central for Mobile is only compatible with a touchscreen device. The iOS version of the downloadable application is only available for Enterprise and Agency plans.

Supported Features

  • Activity stream
  • Status updates
  • User profiles
  • Searching collaborators
  • Creating personal tasks
  • Completing tasks
  • Read-only workspace content (wikis, online documents, tasks, milestones, files, events, blog, forum, database records, etc.)
  • Commenting on items
  • Search
  • Favorites

Unsupported Features

  • Creating new content (wikis, online documents, events, workspace tasks, database records, uploading files, etc.)
  • Editing content (wikis, online documents, events, tasks, database records, uploading files, etc.)
  • Custom workspace tabs
  • Company settings
  • Workspace settings

SSO on Mobile

SSO is now available in  iMeet Central for Mobile. To use SSO in iMeet Central for Mobile, SSO must be enabled in the Advanced section of your company settings.

When logging in via SSO on mobile for the first time, you will be taken through a 2 step authentication process.

The application will first ask you to enter your email address.




After enter your email address, the application will ask for your company subdomain. This is the part of your company's iMeet® Central url that precedes https://[company_subdomain] .



Once you enter your company subdomain, you will be redirected to the SSO login page designated in your company settings. You can then precede with normal SSO login.

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